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Pet Communicators

Just as with any other professions, there are different levels of training and abilities with communicators. You will also find specialists within the field, such as those who work as medical intuitive, those finding lost animals, and those helping in the dying transition, just to name a few. Qualities of reputable communicators/intuitives include:
  • A willingness to do their own 'inner work'.
  • Has an essence that makes you feel comfortable and at ease
  • Does not profess to have all the answers, but is willing to refer you to another source of reference, possibly even another communicator
  • Will strive for the highest standards in their language and actions
  • Will use their psychic energy for the best outcome for all involved
  • Will hold your information in confidence
  • Will allow you to use your free choice
  • Displays high integrity
  • Works well with both animals and humans
When you connect with a communicator that resonates with you, you will feel it in your gut. You may experience a comfort level with that communicator, a feeling this is the person to help you, or simply an 'aha' moment. Pay attention to those feelings - they will help and guide you.

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